Stylus Tools and Tips

Stylus Tools are great. I would call them Coloring Wands if I were Clearsnap (the manufacturer) but I'm not. These plastic wands are lightweight and are great for applying color to scenes and cards. Just pop in the Colorbox Stylus Tool tips and you are ready to color.

"Tips on Tip Care": With dye-based inks, we like to designate a different tip for different color families. For example, each handle is double sided which means it holds two foam tips. One tip can be for blue tones, another for green, yellow, red, black, brown, etc. To clean them we just dab the tips off on a piece of paper to remove excessive ink and just store them in a sealed plastic bag until future use. They will not be "clean" but they do not need to be since they will be used with similar colors. Keeping them in a sealed bag, such as a Ziplock, will help to keep the tips from drying and hardening. With this type of usage, it is almost like having a stamp pad on a stick/wand. Scroll down the page for ordering options.

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Handles Only 3 Pack $6

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Handles Only 5 Pack $8.95

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5 Double Sided Wands/Ten Tip Set $22.95

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Oval Foam Tips 3 Pack $5

Oval Foam Tips 10 Pack $14.95

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