The Hand of Science: The Music of the Spheres The clockwork gearing used to propel celestial movements was known to the ancients. Aged astronomers saw creation's void through refined eyes, discerning the true nature of the universe. Pythagorus was the first to hear the Music of the Spheres, quickly teaching others to partake of the astral bounty. He knew the stars to be attached to crystal spheres revolving about the Earth. These heavenly spheres, eternally revolving, produce harmonious sounds only the truly inspired can hear.

Interrogate the Hand of Science. Knowingly give the signs, tokens and penalties of the initiated. This sure sign of awareness will allow you admission into the crystal spheres, where sound and light reign with tandem force. Within this realm the language of Adam is useless, mere guttural tones. Only the language of mathematics allows us to ascend through the spheres, rising to become one with God. Within the crystal spheres the zenith and nadir of our existence is laid bare.

Beware...mercurial knowledge gained through accelerated means can foul and corrupt the puny mind of mortal man. Grip the Hand surely, for the Hand of Science serves as polestar guiding our fragile footsteps. Follow those who have supped knowledge from the Hand: Archimedes, Descartes, Mercator, Möbius, an endless procession of mortals whose minds have felt the probing force of the Hand's callous touch. Resist not the Hand, for it is gentle.