"Blue Breath" by Kevin Nakagawa, CA 2006

Dye based inks on 5.5" x 8.5" glossy card stock. Apply a series of various blue values to card stock with sponging method of your choice. Layer colors starting from the lightest of blues and work up through the medium and dark blues reserving the edges for the darkest of colors. For added texture, using a spray bottle set on mist, water was squirted in the center of the cart. The water was allowed to "spot" the card and to almost dry before the Curvy Branch 271G was stamped in a medium blue value in the background as well as in a light blue Colorbox pigment ink. A row of Prickly Branches 272G was stamped in Brilliance White pigment ink. My original intention was to have these white branches as the foreground of the scene but the background wasn't dark enough in the middle to allow them to stand out enough so I stamped another row of them in the front in black dye based ink. I stamped them lower than the white ones so as to not obscure that row.

Prickly Branches   Curvy Branch