"Gardening at Night I and II" by Kevin Nakagawa, CA 2007

Dye based and pigment inks on ATC sized Stampbord.

A #60 Salvia Blue Marvy Pad was applied to the entire Stampbord --stamp pad direct to board. Ink applied generously. #10 Light Blue Marvy ink was applied with a Colorbox Stylus Tool to most of the Stampbord except a strip in the center. #3 "Blue" Marvy ink was applied to the four corners of the Stampbord. A spray bottle was put on "mist" and water squirted on the Stampbord to create a spotted surface for additional texture. "Curvy Branch" 271G was stamped in #10 "Blue", and then stamped in #1 "Black" Marvy. "Prickly Branches" was stamped in white pigment ink. A straight/flat tipped scratch knife was used to scratch highlights into the leaves and branches of the designs. A spoon shaped tip scratch knife was used to create the "dot" style stars in the background. To create a North Star fine lines were scratched in a cross hair configuration around one of the "dot" stars.

Curvy Branch   Prickly Branches