Neighbors by Kevin Nakagawa, CA 2008

Dye based inks on 5.5" x 8.5" Glossy Card Stock.

Note: This composition was built with Cabin 140E, Sedge Filler 251C, Tree Cluster 266D, Doe 229A, Old Fence 293C, Pond 279F, Grass Texture 208D, and Prickly Branches 272G. I feel the best way to position the stamps is to stamp what I see are the main elements --the Cabin and Pond-- first and to fill in the surrounding area with the grasses. Use the larger Grass Texture for the foreground and the Sedge Filler for everywhere else. The distant Sedge Filler was masked and the tree tips from Tree Cluster were used as distant trees. A variety of green tones were added to the grass as well as some brown. Several brown tones were layered on to the cabin (use of the darker brown tones was reserved for the vertical sides of the cabin to depict shade. About 3 blue values were used to create the sky. All colors were added with a Colorbox Stylus Tool. The Fence, Doe, and Prickly Branches were added to the scene using black ink. A white gel pen was used to add highlights to the grass and foreground