Sometimes people ask how we got a star or a moon to be white in a scene. 95% of the time it's just a matter of toning a scene selectively. In this case, Comet, Star Cluster, and Cloud Cumulus Lg. were stamped in a dark navy blue. A range of blue values were then layered on to the scene but being careful to avoid the elements or areas that I wanted to remain light. The comet and the stars represent the light sources in the scene and the light on the cloud represents reflected light. Before toning in your scene, take a look at your composition and think about your lighting scheme and define your "lights" through the use of shade.

"Blue Comet" by Kevin Nakagawa 2005. Dimensions 4.25" x 5.5".

Dye based inks on Glossy Card Stock. Images: Cloud Cumulus Lg. 019G, Comet 236E, Star Cluster 250E, Spruce Tree Lg. 078F. STAMPSCAPES IDEA CARDS. ŠKJN all rights reserved.