The RubberStampMadness Album of Scenic Art

Note from Kevin Nakagawa: This is the rubber stamping book that I always dreamed of --A book that features/celebrates the world of scenic stamping. When I heard of the idea from RubberStampMadness I became very excited as did everyone else involved in the genre. I didn't know what to expect but the book definitely surpasses what I believe would have been my idea of the ideal incarnation. Roberta Sperling has edited this book beautifully and presented the scenes in such a fashion as to really showcase the full power of the artwork. The printing and colors of the artwork are very accurate. I've been a "scenic stamper" now for close to 20 years and I still consider myself a beginner and looking through the pages of this book only reinforces that belief. There are so many styles, media, and techniques displayed through the pages that truly illustrates the vast potential of the genre and of the overall medium of rubber stamps. I would recommend this book for those even vaguely interested in the genre of scenic stamping but think that it would make a terrific resource in any rubber stampers library. For me, I find it not only a compositional and color resource but that of an inspirational resource to be enjoyed again and again.

Below are some scenes from the book:

Scene by Diana Collier

Scene by Pat Anderson

Scene by Sulea Lee

The RubberStampMadness Album of Scenic Art

The focus is on "making a scene with stamps" in this 116-page, soft-cover book. 100-plus examples and comments on each of the pieces provides a picture-perfect window into this amazing art form. Truly a treasure chest of inspiration and ideas for stampers. $19.95 plus $2 s&h in USA, $4 in Canada and $10 overseas.

Here's what people are saying about this book:
"Hold the phone! Or the stamp pad. . something like that. My Scenic Art book arrived in the mail today!!!! I am dancing in the streets."

"I just got my copy of the book! It's simply breathtaking! The art is so varied and amazing."

"I received my Album of Scenic Art today.... a wonderful and successful project. An excellent mix of realistic, surreal and whimsy, something for everyone's taste in scenic art."

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