049G Lakeside Cove lg
(approximate size = 3" X 4.5")

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049G Lakeside Cove Lg. - This has proven to be one of the most popular of the Stampscapes images & one that I never seem to tire of. It's universal nature is what I enjoy most about it. Just stamping out the trees and rocks --sans reflections-- it can easily be a meadow of sorts. It can be stamped in multiples impressions for a longer horizon line by reinking & overlapping the initial impression(s). Pairs with Pines & Rocks 195G and Lakeside Reflections lg. 051G well. The strong silhouette of the image makes it a strong candidate for simple brayer applications where you just take a rainbow pad and swipe a split fountain background on to your favorite cardstock and stamp 049G over it in a dark colored ink.
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Available on Nature Set #8
unmounted sheet 22
Nature Sheet 8