084E Tonal Applicator
(approximate size = 2" X 3")

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The most misunderstood stamp in the Stampscapes collection --understandably. Simple to use but difficult to explain any other way than seen in motion. The Tonal Applicator is basically an extension on sponging. With the Tonal Applicator one can control light through the use of shadow. You can blend colors. Glaze your scene. Add drama and direct the viewer's attention to whatever you want them to focus on. By tapping the Tonal Applicator lightly and in a condensed manner one can achieve a spectrum of blended colors. The Tonal Applicator is basically just a field of dots. Stamped once it will read as some pear shaped object. Stamped many times dots will join until a field becomes tone as opposed to shape. See the lesson on this in the "image lessons" section of this site as well as Diane Long's great video lesson using 084E.

NOTE: While this stamp/tool is effective, I use the Colorbox Stylus Tools with the sponge tips more these days for ink applications/layering.

Lesson and Video Lesson
Video 54. The Tonal Applicator (stamp 084E) Tutorial.