223F Oak Row
(approximate size = 2" X 4.5")

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I wanted options for the background of a couple popular images in Water Mill Lg. 143G, Water Mill 142E, Cabin Lg. 140G, and Cabin 140E. 223F can stack to create layers of oak filled hills and finish off the sides of the aforementioned images. Also, can be used on its own as layers of hills. I like to separate the layers by value. I stamp the lower impressions of Oak Row in dark tones and with each row that's stacked, I use lighter colors. This creates the illusion of space and distance. Angled impressions give an added sense of drama to this row. Its fraternal twin Oaks & Mist 224F adds an airy element to the pairing by introducing a sense of fog in between the impressions.
Stampscapes Customer Artwork -Susan Chen