318I Covered Bridge
(approximate size = 3.5" X 5")

318I Covered Bridge --Unmounted (Size = 5" x 3.5") $6.99 USD

Mounting Options: Available UM only

318I Covered Bridge. This is another design that I've been wanting to draw for a long time. Getting the angle down, the lead in, and surrounding imagery was always a daunting proposition so no better way to approach it but to just start drawing. I liked the idea of a rustic road as opposed to a paved one so I went with a road that I imagined might have been present when a covered bridge like this might have been built. As with the Stampscapes autumn style imagery, color the foliage any hue from a green range to a autumn palette in full color. To extend the road, waterside, or tree line, use images such as the Sedge Filler 251C, Pebbles 256A, and Maple Trio 240B.
Bridge in the Mist   Stampscapes 101: Video 103.  Covered Bridge and Graphite.