#078F or #007C "SPRUCE"
(available in both F and C sizes)





#150E "PINE ROW"

Trees and tree parts in various sizes will add spatial relationships to your two dimensional surfaces. In general, on a spatial plane, I like to stamp images that are representationally closer to the viewer --than the other images--lower on the page (with the exception of overhanging branches, leaves, etc.). The bare limbed images are a nice addition to any scene. By stamping them in a dark color over a background you can achieve contrast-depth, framing of a scene, and adding a common element through several areas (especially with "Leafless Limbs Lg." or "Bare Branch Lg."). These large images can start at the bottom of a page and run through land or water up into the sky. It acts like a needle and thread "sewing" the regions together.

Stampscapes® Stamp Size Legend
A = .75" X 1" B = 1" X 1.5" C = 1" X 2.25" D = 1.5" X 2.25" E = 2" X 3" F = 2" X 4.5" G = 3" X 4.5"

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