The Stampscapes® Non Wood/Cling-Mounted Sheets and Sets

Below are thumbnails of the unmounted Sheets and Sets. Most sheet dimensions are 5.5" x 8.5". Rubber Sheets are detailed and deeply etched 100% red rubber. Stamps are not mounted on wood or cling. Option: The nature sheets are also available pre-trimmed, mounted on Static Cling Cushion, and come on a plastic storage sheet. The cling mounted versions can be used with acrylic mounting blocks (not included). Stampscapes does not carry acrylic mounting blocks but most of your local rubber stamp retailers should carry them. Click thumb for full sized pop up frames.
Nature Sheets and Sets

Nature sheet 1
Nature Sheet 1
Nature sheet 2
Nature Sheet 2
Nature sheet 3
Nature Sheet 3
Nature sheet 4
Nature Sheet 4

Nature sheet 5
Nature Sheet 5
Nature sheet 6
Nature Sheet 6
Nature sheet 7
Nature Sheet 7
Nature sheet 8
Nature Sheet 8

Nature sheet 9
Nature Sheet 9
Nature sheet 10
Nature Sheet 10
Nature sheet 11
Nature Sheet 11
Nature sheet 12
Nature Sheet 12

Nature sheet 13
Nature Sheet 13
Nature sheet 14
Nature Sheet 14
Nature sheet 15
Nature Sheet 15
Nature sheet 16
Nature Sheet 16

Nature Sheet 17
Nature Sheet 17
Nature Sheet 18
Nature Sheet 18
Nature Sheet 19
Nature Sheet 19
Nature Sheet 20
Nature Sheet 20

Nature Sheet 21
Nature Sheet 21
Nature Sheet 22
Nature Sheet 22
Nature Sheet 23
Nature Sheet 23
Nature Sheet 24
Nature Sheet 24

Nature Sheet 25
Nature Sheet 25
Nature Sheet 26
Nature Sheet 26

People Set
People Set
Animal Set
Animal Set
Spooky Sky Set
Spooky Sky Set

Scenic Sentiments Sheets/Sets

Scenic Sentiment Sheet 1
Sentiment Sheet 1
Scenic Sentiment Sheet 2
Sentiment Sheet 2
Scenic Sentiment Sheet 3
Sentiment Sheet 3
Scenic Sentiment Sheet 4
Sentiment Sheet 4

Scenic Sentiment Sheet 5
Sentiment Sheet 5
Scenic Sentiment Sheet 6
Sentiment Sheet 6
Scenic Sentiment Sheet 7
Sentiment Sheet 7

Symmetry Sheets
This is a grouping of designs that were done in an engraved style that attempted to reach a balance between grace and power at very elevated levels.

Symmetry sheet 1
Symmetry: Sheet 1
Symmetry sheet 2
Symmetry: Sheet 2
Symmetry sheet 3
Symmetry: Sheet 3
Symmetry sheet 4
Symmetry: Sheet 4
Symmetry sheet 5
Symmetry: Sheet 5
Symmetry sheet 6
Symmetry: Sheet 6

Greco Roman Sheets
These are architechtural elements that are a modular grouping just like the nature designs. My favorite usage is to use them in conjunction with the nature line as complementary imagery.

Greco Roman sheet 1
Greco Roman Sheet 1
Greco Roman sheet 2
Greco Roman Sheet 2
Greco Roman sheet 3
Greco Roman Sheet 3
Greco Roman sheet 4
Greco Roman Sheet 4
Greco Roman sheet 5
Greco Roman Sheet 5

Misc. Sheets
Dragon Kites Sheet
Dragon Kites Sheet
New Years and Confetti Sheet
New Years and Confetti Sheet
Spacemen Sheet
Spacemen Sheet